Translation Technologies


MemoQ is a computer-assisted translation software suite, which is supported by Microsoft Windows operating systems. It was developed by the Hungarian software company Kilgray Fordítástechnológiai Kft. (Kilgray Translation Technologies), one of the fastest growing companies in the translation business over the past few years. The functions of the translation software enable a higher efficiency and consistency by allowing the re-use of previous translations.

In memoQ you can save matching source and target sentences or segments for later use in upcoming translation projects. These segment collections can be saved in translation memories (TM). If you have to translate a segment that has been used before, this stored segment will show up and can therefore be directly transferred into the new translation. Apart from saving time and costs, this function improves the quality of the translations, as the TMs guarantee a certain consistency.

Subsequently, memoQ is integrated with several machine translation engines. If applicable, modules such as Google MT, Microsoft Bing MT, LetsMT, KantanMT, Crosslang Gateway MT and can be used in a supporting manner.

MemoQ also includes a function which enables access to reference materials. In LiveDocs you can insert documents that have already been translated, no matter if they were translated in a translation tool, or if two separate documents are available. With the aid of reference materials that are accessible online, this tool automatically aligns the documents and allows the user to correct the alignment if neccessary.

Term databases facilitate an accurate and consistent use of nominations. These terms can easily be inserted in your term database and you can import glossaries in Microsoft Excel-, CSV-, TBX- or MultiTerm XML-formats. That way you can ensure the correct use of terminologies. Automatic matches while entering a translation guarantee a highly time-efficient process, as they can be integrated directly. MemoQ automatically recognises translation errors, such as numerical and formatting errors, incorrect use of terminologies or punctuation mistakes and therefore improves the quality of the translations.

Linguavision uses translation tools such as memoQ to assure the consistency and quality of your translation. Our translators in Cologne and other cities such as Frankfurt, Hamburg, Dresden, Berlin and Munich are well acquainted with the latest translation technologies.